Joint Book Review: The Looking Glass Wars

We LOVED this book.

Trace (Mom): You may or may not know that all things Alice in Wonderland hold special places in our hearts. This book was no exception and we are eager to read the sequel. From interesting characters to a brand new Wonderland, The Looking Glass Wars is a fascinating journey.

Beddor’s take on the Mad Hatter is brilliant – Hatter Madigan is not just a milliner, he’s the Queen’s bodyguard and an expert fighter with incredible weapons hidden within his attire.

Autumn (Daughter): There is also the magnificent character of Dodge Anders, son of the head of the palace guard, Sir Justice. After 13 years since Redd’s takeover of Wonderland Dodge had grown into a man and was one of the first Alyssians ever.

Trace (Mom): You didn’t explain what Alyssians are, silly girl.

Autumn(Daughter): Oops! Sorry! Alyssians are basically the rebels and don’t want Redd to be ruler and express it. This group was founded after Alyss and Hatter Madigan jumped through the pool of tears.
The Pool of Tears transports between 2 dimensions(Our world and the Wonderland world)and at the time it was the only escape route for Hatter and Alyss.

Trace (Mom): Redd, as in Beddor’s take on the Red Queen, sheesh, you are really forgetting to explain stuff. But, then, I guess we want people just to read it for themselves, right?

Autumn(Daughter): Definitely. I sped through this book so fast because it was so exciting!! It’s a thick book but it has to fit in all of those great details, correct?

Trace (Mom): Heck yes! It was SOOOOO great! I cannot wait to read the sequel with you!


We’ve decided to rate it 5 out of 5 top hats. This is a book we purchased – actually, we bought the whole trilogy but more on that later!