Hemming Pants: Quick Fix Solutions

Hemming a pair of pants can be a complicated undertaking but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes your in a hurry and just need a temporary fix. Humor me for a moment. What happens when your kid has a recital and you realize the hemline of one pant leg is unraveling? Or what if you snag something at work and run into the same issue?

Hemming Pants FAST

Quick and Easy Techniques for Hemming Pants

Most people do not carry small sewing machines with them to make such repairs. I know I don’t. I do, however, happen to have my sewing machine set up at all times in my cool little sewing closet. Don’t judge, I had an extra closet and a need to have my machine ready to roll at all times. I digress, the point of this post is quick, easy, albeit rather temporary fixes to make it through said recital, the rest of a work day, or whatever else you may have tumbled into.

  • Tape – I’m not kidding. Scotch tape doesn’t work great, but you can use gorilla tape, duct tape, and for lighter colors, try packing tape and stick that hem back in place.
  • Safety Pins – I almost always have safety pins on me. You just never know when they will come in handy. Honestly, Autumn wants me to do a post on uses for safety pins because I’ve rigged so many solutions with just a handful of pins it’s ludicrous. One of them is obviously a hem.
  • Paper clips – possibly a tricky solution but doable if you have the right sized clips and your pants aren’t too thick. It’s not going to work well with jeans.
  • Hem tape – This works if you have a little more time. I keep some in with my sewing supplies. With nothing more than your handy dandy iron, you can hem away.

I’m not going to lie, none of these quick fixes are going to last forever, you’d best get something more permanent ASAP. Still, if you’re in a pinch, they work.

More Permanent Hems

I’m short but not short enough to wear petite pants. This means I have to buy regulars but only some of them fit me right. Thankfully, I’ve learned the secret to hemming a pair of pants – fold the bottom over and restitch it to the right length. Kidding, you can find a great tutorial here. There are really cool ways to hem a pair of jeans so you retain the original hem, one of my favorite tutorials is by Craftsy.

Hemming jeans