Helping Kids Build Their Best Holiday Wish Lists

holiday wish list tips

Are your kids like mine when it comes to their holiday wish lists? They swear they don’t want anything until they get started then you end up with a lengthy list of ridiculous items they will never use? Yep, been there. Don’t forget the flip size where they put three things on the list.

Holiday Wish Lists Presents

This year, things are different. Autumn made a power point presentation complete with links. I wish I was kidding. I’m not. Thankfully, Maddox took a more reasonable approach and created wish lists via Amazon instead. I love that they are older and capable of doing these things. It is much easier than when they were toddlers.

Tips for Great Holiday Wish Lists

  • Do you Amazon? Try using the “list” feature to build your list. You can make one for each child and easily share via email. This is awesome for anybody who is an Amazon Prime member.
  • Young kids? Try that awesome toy flyer that comes from just about any major retailer (we like Target’s best) and flip through to see what excites them then do the research and make your list.
  • Consider themed holidays (works great for birthdays too!). This year Autumn is doing a “softball” theme. She is committing to her sport and there are a lot of cool gadgets and things she’d like so she’s doing a themed list. In the past she’s done a “book birthday” where all of her gifts were books or book-related. It’s a really great way to foster special interests while offsetting some of the cost.
  • Subscription services are fantastic options. We have done Owlcrate and Sketchbox in the past and love them both. There are a lot of fantastic options available based on your kid’s age and interests.

When all else fails, go for the gift cards to movies or entertainment options. Remember, you have executive control as the parent – use it!