My Social Studies Project: Making My Seax

Autumn With Seax

This post was supposed to be a stupid sewing tutorial, but I have something WAYYYYYYY more exciting to share with you guys. I decided to tell you all about my Social Studies project for school. Sounds boring right now, doesn’t it? Trust me, it gets better.

My Project

My Social Studies teacher assigned us this project about 2 weeks ago, the goal was to create an Ancient Roman or Greek artifact to bury and then have others dig up and analyze them. Sounds cool, right? Our class had to first research artifacts for each characteristics (there are 8). Most people chose to make coins, tablets and spears, but I did not. Of course I am the one to do something more exotic, such as a seax. What is a seax you may ask? It’s this:


The Real Seax Artifact
The Real Seax Artifact


In other words it is a two-sided spear. As far as I know, nobody else has EVER done this artifact, so of course I chose this.

The Planning

Now it was a requirement to fill out this “blueprint” about your artifact, It had questions such as “what is your artifact? Please describe.” And “what civilization is this artifact from, Greece to Rome?” Pretty basic stuff, but necessary. After filling that out and attaching a picture of the artifact, such as the one you can see above, I got to start imagining what it was going to look like.

Obviously I couldn’t make the points as sharp and dangerous as they are in the picture but it still needed two, pointed ends. I also knew that it had to be painted black to look like that of the picture. But I also wanted to have my own touch on the seax replica I was going to make. I decided adding a gold handle and writing my name in Latin on the stick would be sufficient. If you look closely you can see that the actual artifact also has writings on it.


The Construction of the Seax

It took me about a week an a half to find a good length, size, and shape stick but I did find it, over Labor day weekend in fact! Immediately I began to carve the stick!

Autumn Carving Seax
Autumn Carving Seax


I had always wanted to do this, carve wood, now of course this wasn’t the way I imagined I would do it, but I did it all the same. I spent over 6 hours carving, sanding, and perfecting it I would say. Once I had finished I took great pride in it. I loved it in a way. Yet it was not yet complete.

As soon as I got back to my mom’s house the first thing we did was begin to paint it black. After waiting 24 hours to let the paint dry I got out gold and brown metallic paint and started to color the handle. 4 hours and many coats later it was complete. The letters were outlined in gold and the handle looked sharp, I felt a sense of, I don’t know, I guess of relief and joy, that’s it! There was a huge sense of completion, it was a feat. Yet I couldn’t turn it in. I had to let the final coat of paint dry and then take the best picture ever.


Autumn With Seax
Autumn With Seax


It’s great, isn’t it? Yeah, I know it is. Instagram filters for the win, am I right?


Turning it in

I was sad to turn it in. Once I bury it I might not get it back. Although I think I will just because I don’t feel like digging a 3 feet long, 5 foot deep hole to put my stick in with the tiny little sandbox shovel I will have. My artifact is huge, I am not going to make a big hole to bury it in. Anyways, I was kind of empty inside once I turned it in. I know, it sounds stupid, but I really liked the stick, it took me forever to make it, and I mean FOREVER. I am hoping to get it back but if I don’t, I will be empty inside forever, until I can make another!


I did in fact use a KNIFE to carve my stick so please make sure you trust the person that is carving to not CUT themselves with the knife PLEASE! I did NOT cut myself with the knife so if you decide to carve wood please be CAUTIOUS and CAREFUL with the very SHARP knife in your hands. Nobody needs to CUT THEMSELVES with a SHARP KNIFE trying to carve WOOD! I am a very kind and loving person and I don’t want anyone to get hurt. 🙂