Happy Nat’l Grandparents Day Grandma & Papa

Grandparents day

Today is National Grandparents day, and to celebrate this day, I am going to share some happy moments that I have had with them.

Papa On A Skateboard

Papa Riding A Skateboard

Now this is definitely one of my favorites. My brother, Maddox, had finally convince Papa to ride his Skateboard and, well, he did. It was definitely a picture perfect moment! 🙂

My Grandma and I Reading Together

 Grandma And I Reading Together

This is me and my Grandma reading Harry Potter together. It is always super fun when we do this together!

All of us at the Zoo

All of us at the Zoo

This is all of us together just about to walk around the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado. I remember it always being a super fun thing to do!


Papa and Maddox Welding

This is something Papa and Maddox like to do together, weld. They have made some really cool stuff together!

At the Gold Mine

Grandma and I at the Mine

This is my Grandma and I just about to enter the Everett Tunnel, an abandoned gold mine in Colorado.


We do a lot more fun stuff together and you can see more on their blog, Fishers Follies