Happy Hobbit Day, Have a Second Breakfast!

Hobbit Day Costume

We are big Tolkien fans in this house so that means Hobbit Day is important. This week is actually Tolkien Week as well. If you’re not sure what all these crazy names mean, check out these blurbs from the American Tolkien Society. In our house, it just means a little second breakfast and some other hobbit-like behaviors. There’s also some great information in the Middle-earth News.

But why are we talking about this on Karmic Chaos?

Hobbit Day Costume
Maddox dressed up as Frodo

Because Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day are a fantastic way to connect with your kids. Between the books and the movies, there is something for everyone. Make your kids laugh by celebrating Bilbo Baggins-style with fireworks under a big tree. ¬†Okay, you don’t have to go that extravagant. Simply serve a second breakfast (maybe an apple?). Walk around barefoot as long as you can (not advisable in school, of course). Curl up and watch the movies or read from the books (take your pick but we suggest reading them in order).

Be a family. Go all out and dress hobbit-like or keep it low-key. Whatever you do, appreciate the day for what it means – family, loyalty, honor, bravery.

Celebrate Hobbit Day

Eat a little extra – especially mushrooms, cake, potatoes, maybe even a little lembas bread (if you read LOTR, you know this is elvish bread but the Hobbitses loved it).

Watch The Hobbit trilogy and/or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Dress up as your favorite character.

Eat some more, elevenses anyone?

Play games – where did that pesky one ring go?

Read any of Tolkien’s works.