Halloween Costumes Part II: Cap’n Crunch

Cap'n Crunch Cosplay

Maddox’s Cap’n Crunch costume came down to the wire this year because it was a bit of a challenge at some points. It seemed so easy and I was SO excited to do this one but, of course, nothing is easy.

You know the character, right?

Image of Cap'n Crunch

Maddox decided to skip the boot covers because we’ve learned from past experience that they are a big pain when you have to walk a lot. Between school and trick-or-treating, Sox will have to walk a lot so he said screw it. The rest of the costume we created together. The pants are slightly more fitted pajama pants in a white muslin. Because we live in the midwest and have no idea what Halloween will bring weather-wise, we chose the lightweight fabric for the pants. Running tights are an excellent option for layering though.

Then the coat – a challenge to say the least. I altered two patterns to make it work.

The best part – my favorite – is the hat. I love to construct hats from cardboard as you can tell if you read either of my blogs. Maddox’s is a bit more challenging but it’s epic just the same!

What do you think??

Halloween Costumes Part II: Cap’n Crunch

Maddox as Cap'n Crunch
Maddox as Cap’n Crunch