Grab Your Crayons for National Coloring Book Day!

National Coloring Book Day!!

Grab your crayons – or if you’re like me, colored pencils – for National Coloring Book Day!

Adult coloring books are all the rage for good reason – coloring is nostalgic AND relaxing. Who doesn’t love to just sit down, forget about your worries, and add some color to the world? I find great satisfaction in adding color to a black and white pictures especially when it’s something beautiful. Coloring books are for kids of all ages and allow for a bit of downtime in an otherwise chaotic world.

Fandoms even have coloring books now. Doesn’t that say something about this trend? Whether you prefer gardenscapes or Doctor Who Coloring Book, there’s a coloring book out there for you.

Family Coloring Books

We each have our own preferences, but, at any given time you can find a few family coloring books in our arts & crafts closet. Right now we have three (Doctor Who, Owls, and a generic book of designs).

Our Family Coloring Books

Sometimes I color on my own, sometimes we color together and chat about our days. There’s always that one picture that speaks to one of us so it’s okay to claim one for yourself in our house. For instance, this particular picture will be mine – when I have more metallic colored pencils to use on it:

Steampunk Owl
Steampunk Owl – Owl Coloring Book


Looking for your own coloring book? Inspired to add some color to the world? Why not try one of these from Amazon? There is no extra charge for using these affiliate links but we may receive a small commission for the referral.