Grab a Needle and Thread – It’s National Sewing Month

National Sewing Month

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – sewing is one of the most important life skills you can teach a child. Now, I’m not saying everybody needs to create elaborate costumes or make their own prom and wedding attire, but I think it is terribly important to know the basics. Can you sew on a button? Hem a pair of pants? Stitch a small tear in a favorite shirt to make it last? These are quite simple elements of sewing but terribly useful. This month, I plan to share a number of simple tutorials in celebration of National Sewing Month.

Sewing on a Button

Learn to Sew a Button ON

You’re prepping for a big job interview but in the middle of buttoning up your dress shirt a button falls off – naturally it’s not one you can go without. This is your only real shirt and you’ve got to get going. What do you do? Sounds silly, right? It’s not when it happens to you. It doesn’t even have to be something so dire – or even a shirt at all. What about your favorite pair of pants? Wouldn’t you rather stitch your button back on than scrap a pair of pants?

Hemming a Pair of Pants

I’m short. Well, not really, apparently I’m about average height but still, pants are not always the right length for me and shorts rarely are. To that end, I learned the value of hemming pants to fit so I’m not tripping over them. There are a number of great tutorials but I intend to show you how to hem a pair of regular every day pants in the simplest way I know.

Mending a Small Tear

How many times has this happened to you – seam comes apart on a shirt not long after you buy it? Yep, me too. There are some things to beware of, especially when dealing with a knit, but we’ll also take a look at creative ways to fix those pesky knee holes your kids probably get in their pants!

sewing up holes in jeans

Stay tuned for these awesome tutorials and watch for special guests!

Great Gift for Grads

Or any kid, really. Heck, even adults need a simple sewing kit. They supply needles and thread in basic colors. You can even go hog wild and pick up something more elaborate with additional goodies. Regardless, send those kids off to independence with sewing kits and the skills to use them!

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