Upcycle: Girls’ jeans to cute skirt

What do you do when your daughter tears the knees out of her jeans/pants? What about when she’s outgrown them? Do you just pitch them in the trash? Heck no!

Repurpose Pants into a Skirt

My daughter grew out of these jeans with her last growth spurt. They had holes in the knee but were otherwise in good shape so I opted to alter them.  It was pretty easy to do actually.

I cut off the pants to the desired length (well above the knee holes) and trimmed out the inseam.  It took a bit of trimming and tucking to make the pants lay right as a skirt but this was not overly complicated.  I should have taken pictures (*facepalm*) of the whole process but it went so quickly I didn’t even think about it.

Next, I took some cotton scraps I had – less than a 1/4 of a yard. Cut the pieces into strips a few inches wide. Finish the lower edge of each strip and then machine-baste the top edge for gathering.  Layer the strips into a pyramid shape. Make two (one for front and one for back).

Stitch the pyramid pieces to the front and back.

Lastly, I trimmed the bottom edge of the final ruffle and stitched it on the skirt.

Jeans upcycled to Skirt
Front of the skirt


Back of the Skirt
Back of the skirt

We even salvaged the scraps from the legs for future projects. There’s no need to keep wasting old clothes when they can be used for other things!