Girl’s dress and matching doll outfit

As I mentioned some time ago, my daughter has decided she wants to learn how to sew.  I am VERY excited about this new venture and am thrilled to present her very first project! Autumn picked out football fabric, of course. She is a tomboy through and through so seeing her in a dress is more than a little surprising. Still, it’s an easy pattern to lay out, cut, and sew. I’m not sure I would consider as easy to learn on as the pattern instructions do, but then I would teach everybody on PJ pants if it were up to me.

Girl and Doll matching dresses
Back of dress

Now, because it was her very first effort, I helped with the hem and I actually made the doll’s outfit but my kiddo did 95% of her dress.  It turned out VERY well and she has proudly worn it a few times already.  She was so proud – but not as proud as ME.