Girl Up: International Day of the Girl Child

It’s a Girl.

You play ball like a Girl.

What a Girlie thing to say.

But did you see what that Girl was wearing? She was asking for it.

What do these statements make you feel? Are you empowered? Concerned? Pissed off? It’s International Day of the Girl Child and now more than ever it’s imperative that we stand up and tell our girls that they are worth it, that they matter.

Obviously, I’m a girl. I have a girl child. Sure, I’m a feminist and so is she. But, so is my son. We as a society need to step up and SHOW our girls that they matter, that they have just as many rights as boys do. America is not doing a very good job of this. I’m sure I will face some backlash for what I have to say but I have a platform to use and dammit, I’m going to use it.

Girl Up

My daughter has a shirt that she loves. It says in big letters “You Wish You Could Throw Like a Girl.” She plays softball and she’s got a cannon for an arm so it’s fitting. Let me tell you, though, she’s gotten so many compliments on that shirt. People have stopped us in stores, at parks, even on the ball field, to give her a thumbs up. Throwing like a girl is no longer a negative thing – for many people. Just go check out a fast-pitch softball game and tell me girls can’t throw.

Girl Child Playing Softball
My Girl Child – a Lefty Catcher


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Stop Shaming, Start Teaching

Instead of telling girls to cover up, sending them home from school for showing shoulders or too much leg, or blaming assault victims for their attire, how about we try a different approach. I understand this may be difficult in the current political climate in the United States, but perhaps those of us who are reasonable could take the time do the right thing.

Honestly, the “too much leg” and “exposed shoulder” arguments schools are using to send girls home is simply ridiculous. There are not great choices available for girls these days and if you’re tall or busty or too petite it’s even worse. Can we please give our boys a little credit, they aren’t animals who are going to lose their composure in the middle of class and attack a girl for showing a little too much shoulder. Goodness, I have it on good authority that it doesn’t matter how much the girls cover up, at a certain age boys and men think about sex and sexual acts. Isn’t that obvious? Let’s TEACH them how to handle these things instead of telling the girls to run and hide.

To that end, instead of blaming the victims, how about we teach people NOT TO RAPE OTHER PEOPLE. How about some candid discussions about consent and, oh, back to that teaching people how to behave when somebody else is showing some skin. And, while we’re at it, how about we teach people that it’s not okay to grab anybody by their genitalia, no matter who the hell you are. It’s not even okay to talk about doing it to somebody against their will.

Final Thoughts: Basic Rights

Nobody has the right to tell  anybody else what they can or cannot do with their bodies. We are supposed to be a country of free people.

If you want to go smoke until you die of lung cancer or snort coke until you overdose, good on you. Your life, your choice. Does it make me sad? Yep, because I do value human life.

Want to get an abortion? Go for it, not my thing but who am I to force my beliefs down your throat on something like that? Do we need more unwanted, abused, neglected children in this world? No, we don’t.

Looking for birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy or, oh, I don’t know, regulate your already ridiculously awful periods? Please, have at it.

The world is ugly enough right now, isn’t it time we stop arguing over things because they offend our personal beliefs and start working toward something better for everyone? Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree, as always. It is after all, a free world.