February Family Challenge: 28 Days of Yoga

February Challenge Yoga

We mentioned before that we’ve decided to give family challenges a try this year and our first one is a 28 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re all a bit tight and stressed out by this time of year, right? The kids are no different. The three of us decided to start our family challenge year with the yoga challenge that will incorporate special days for each of our interests.

What You Can Expect

At the beginning of each week, we’ll give a schedule of our daily selections with links to the appropriate information so you can try too. Starting next week, the kids and I will add in ratings of the previous sessions including what we liked or didn’t like.

28 Day Yoga Challenge

Week 1 of the Yoga Challenge

February 1Basic Stretches for Tight Hips

Autumn selected this one because she is a catcher and has softball tryouts at the end of the month so she’s looking to loosen up her hips a bit.

February 2Yoga for Runners

Maddox selected this one. Running is kind of his thing so he’s really looking for some exercises and stretches to get him ready for middle school cross country.

February 3Poses to Relieve Back and Neck Pain

This is my choice. I sit a lot because of my job and both kids are having some growing pains so I think this is a great option for us.

February 410 Minute Morning Yoga for Beginners

Maddox is up again. He loves youtube and Sundays mean we have a little bit more time so we’ll do this one when we are all up and at ’em.

This post is short but we’re just getting started. Wish us luck!!

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