My Experience at OWjL Camp

Autumn on OWjL Camp Part I

Every year Ohio Wesleyan University holds a camp (with a couple different sessions) for gifted kids on their campus. From the moment I found out about OWjL Camp, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me. My mom and I checked OWU’s website until the camp forms were finally posted and I submitted my application as soon as I could.

Then we waited.

Waiting for the letter to come showing you whether you made it or not is painfully long. Since I had sent it in early, the wait was even more treacherous. In the end I got the letter, it was big – you know, the large envelope that tells you as soon as you get it that you’re in. I ripped open the envelope, filled out the acceptance forms, and sent them in literally the next day.

Then I waited. Again.

Until Sunday, June 25th. My parents got me settled in my dorm room, we said good-bye, and they had to leave.  We met our counselors and roomates, toured the campus, met with our “family group” (my dorm mates and 6 others). I fell in love with the camp in no time. We also got our schedules and I got all of my first choices except for one, but I am pretty sure that they had canceled the class because I didn’t know anybody who had that class either. It was an icebreaker day, really.

OWjL Camp Day 1 – Morning

I woke up pretty early, 7:25ish, so that we made it in the breakfast line in good time so we didn’t have to wolf down our food. That first meal we sat with our family groups and in my opinion it was a little awkward but that may have just been me. Anyways they had the best selection of food, cereal, the hot lunch line (pancakes that day), yogurt, fruit, etc.

Afterwards we went to our first class which for me was You’re on Congress Now! I was one of the first ones there because I was one of the few who actually didn’t get lost. I won’t give you a lot of details but the first day was pretty boring because we needed a background on the ways of the government which I already knew a lot about. Finally class was over and I was off to my second class, You’re on Trial! In this class we actually did something on the first day. We received our information packets on the case and were assigned our roles. I tried out to be a lawyer but I lost the vote (by the trial I was kind of glad I wasn’t a lawyer).

Then I went back to the cafeteria where I finally figued out the gold star on my name button was my “fast pass.” Man, was I glad I had that because I didn’t have to wait nearly as long to get my food. Afterwards was free dorm time and since I barely knew anybody I stayed in my dorm and did nothing, it was super boring but didn’t last long.

Day 1 – Afternoon

Next, I headed towards my third, and favorite class, Digital Photography: Fix it Up! I was the first one there, literally, not even the teacher was there. That class probably had the most exciting first day because we got to use PicMonkey and do some photoshopping! I chose to make Justin Bieber look, I dunno. It was fun though! Then I headed to my 4th and final class, Survivor. I thought this class was going to be great, considering it was supposed to be the “brains and the brawn” but that wasn’t the case, I will get to that part later. On our first day we watched a slideshow and we were assigned our “tribes” A.K.A. our groups for challenges.

My class was over by then so I headed back to the dorms for recreation time. I decided to do “group games” which was Night at the Museum and Ships and Sailors.

Day 1 – Evening

After recreation it was dinner time and then the evening activity. On Monday we got to watch the 8th floor improv group perform which was super cool! Family group is kind of weird the first two days because you aren’t really comfortable with one another but we still had to tell everyone our high and low of the day, super weird if you’re asking me.

Then it was time to get back to our dorms with plenty of time to get ready for bed since our family group meetings were always pretty short but others I heard ran really long.  My dorm was pretty silent 24/7 though so going to sleep was creepy at first, at least other people had eccentric dorms.

OWjL Camp Day 2 – Morning

Waking up was still a little rough, and everybody’s alarms went off at different times, it was really annoying.  I made it to breakfast in plenty of time (fast pass really helps!) and had a good lot of time to eat. Then I was off to my second day of classes. In my first class (You’re in Congress Now!) we finished our party posters and wrote some bills. You’re on Trial! was kind of boring because we were just studying our material for the trial on Thursday and Friday.  After lunch me and one of my dorm mates decided to visit one of the dorms in our family group so we weren’t just sitting in our dorm for an hour and it turned out to be kind of fun.

Day 2 – Afternoon

Time for my favorite class!! Digital Photography: Fix it Up! surprised me. On Tuesday, we took some pictures of nature. I took some pretty cool ones, here are my slightly tinkered versions of them!


Afterwards I headed to the pool where Survivor took place. This was when the class started to become more unappealing to me. I am not a bad swimmer by any means but I was really bad at the challenges, like really bad. One of our teammates competitively swims so we were all “below her” I guess but I didn’t care. I started to realize though that the class wasn’t really for the brains and the brawn it was for the brains. It became the class I dreaded going to everyday from then on out. Then it was time for recreation again and I decided to do…… crap, I can’t remember. I really should’ve written this stuff down. Definitely do that next time.

Day 2 – Evening

After dinner it was time for the evening activity- movie night. We watched Big Hero 6 which I’d already seen but it is what it is.. Then it was time for family group where everybody was getting a little bit more comfortabel (I know I was) and we finished early and had loads of time before lights out.

This post would be too long if I explained my whole week so hang in there and read the rest of the story on Friday!