Karmic Chaos on Etsy

Have you been on Etsy? It's a great place to find (and buy!) handmade and vintage goods.

I've always been a creative soul with a DIY attitude. I was lucky enough to learn a lot from my parents - thanks Mom and Dad - and blessed with a desire to learn. Fortunately, my kids have that same spirit and have fallen in love with the idea of DIY and repurposing items.

Panda Library Tote on Etsy
Panda Library Tote

Why Etsy?

I realize that not everybody has the time, tools, or ability to duplicate all of my creations at home. My kids noticed a lot of people complimenting items I've made and suggested I sell them. Initially, I laughed and said, "right, who's going to want to buy a tote bag I made for you?" I gave it a try though and ended up at a festival selling those very tote bags.

We took a hiatus from selling but are back in the game now and thrilled with the new and improved Etsy options. Interested? Click here to access our shop Karmic Chaos on Etsy. We'll add new items as they come to us but for now, check out our tried and true options!

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