Do you have picky eaters who are only willing to eat a handful of things? Are you dealing with food allergies or sensitivities? Maybe you’re looking for something special for a school party?

Look no further. We’ve combed through Pinterest and even added some of our own concoctions for your pleasure. Our chaotic lifestyles, a picky eater, and a kid with dairy allergies make mealtimes challenging for me.  Still, that’s no excuse to stop us from trying out new recipes so we can eat well!

Meals in Minutes

We lead busy lives but growing kids need to eat. These meals are generally quick fixes and/or options for picky eaters – if your kids are like mine – but I’ll try to throw in some more complicated recipes on occasion.

Scrumptious Sweets

Have I mentioned how much we love to bake? We really do. A lot. My kids are both capable bakers at this point and they are working on their decorating abilities. Check out these cookies, cakes, and more!

Coming Soon to Eat  

Kid Kitchen Tutorials will be a new addition as my kids take on preparing what we eat as a family. They know it’s a skill they need to have before moving out on their own and it all starts soon.