Go Green (and Free) With These Easy Seed Starters

Easy Green Seed Starters

We have a yard now and that means enough garden space for each of us to pick flowers to plant. It also means seed starters while the Midwest weather makes up its mind about spring.

Easy Green Seed Starters

The Problem

Unfortunately, after living in apartments for so long, we didn’t have a lot of pots to get started inside and since we are always on a budget, we were really looking for a cheaper way to get going. Thanks to Fisher’s Follies, we were able to find a very green way to start our flowers this year – toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

Supplies for Seed Starters

Seeds – we are starting with True Lavender, Lavender Lady, Sweet Pea, Morning Glory, Shasta Daisies, and Forget-Me-Nots

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

Dirt/soil – we used a bag of Miracle Gro brand

Cardboard box or lid




Supplies for Seed Starters

The Process

Cut toilet paper rolls in half and paper towel rolls in sixths. We labeled ours with a marker as to what seeds would go in each.  The kids helped arrange the rolls in a box lid, fill each roll about halfway with soil, and then dropped seeds in the appropriate tubes. Cover them with a little more dirt (depending on the suggested depth noted on each seed packet) and water. We set ours on a plastic lid in our back window to make sure they get enough sun.

Seed Starters basking in the Sun
Seed Starters basking in the Sun

How it Worked Out

We did our planting on April 9th and have been tending them diligently ever since. As you can see, less than two weeks after planting several of our starters are ready to be split and upgraded into bigger pots! And yes, that is grass, we have two bunnies who are going to absolutely LOVE it!

Seed Starters after 2 weeks


The toilet paper and paper towel rolls really saved us – financially and physically – because they were free and took up far less space than if we used kits or larger parts to get started.