Easy, Cheap Chicken Salad for Game Days

Are you looking for an easy lunch that packs some protein without breaking the bank? This super simple chicken salad is perfect for game days when you don’t want to eat heavy before heading into the hot sun.


I’ve got picky eaters in my house, that’s no secret. But, I’m also crazy busy operating my businesses from home and shuttling the kids around to sports, school, and activities. I need easy, I need cheap, and I need something that’s going to leave them full without feeling icky. That’s where this little recipe comes into play. The best part? Autumn makes it herself now so it’s one less step I have to take while giving her some autonomy over what goes into her food. This is HUGE in helping picky eaters.

Granted, I would much rather cook up some chicken breasts, shred it, and make the dish from scratch but that’s not the cheapest, easiest solution. No, canned chicken is NOT the best, but it’s generally cheap and can be stored in the pantry until we need it. ┬áPlus, with only two other ingredients that you probably already have on hand, it’s tough to beat this.


1 can of chicken – we go with whatever is on sale

Honey mustard – off-brand works just fine

Mayonnaise – again, off brand works

Easy Cheap Chicken Salad

Make the Chicken Salad

Using a can opener, open that can of chicken. Drain excess water and dump into a bowl of your choosing.

Add honey m mustard and mayo as desired and mix until well blended.

That’s it. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. ┬áServe it on bread or crackers – we prefer crackers on game days.

Cheap, Easy Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad on Crackers


For a little extra, include sliced grapes, dried cherries, parsley, almonds, or anything else that sounds scrumptious to you!