Easter Egg Decorating with Food Coloring

Egg Decorating with Food Coloring

We love Easter Egg Decorating – even if I’m the only person who will eat them when we’re done. In the past, we’ve done Silk Tie Easter Eggs and Shaving Cream Easter Eggs but this year I wanted something a little simpler so I took to Pinterest and found this awesome guide by Paging Supermom.

Egg Decorating with Food Coloring

I had all of the supplies in my pantry – except for the eggs, of course. It couldn’t be easier. Honestly.


1 dozen large white eggs (hard-boiled)

Liquid Food Coloring (we used McCormick)



Sauce pan

Cups or bowls for each color you choose

Egg Decorating Process

Add 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and 10-20 drops of food color to your cup or bowl.

Bowls with Color Mixture
Bowls with Food Dye, Vinegar, and Water


If you choose to, use crayons to decorate the eggs (coloring will not take to areas covered in wax).

Using Crayon on Eggs
Using crayon to add designs to the eggs


Dip the eggs for 3-5 minutes (but no longer than 5 minutes!). You can use a whisk to make this process easier – and preserve your fingertips!

Use a whisk to dip your eggs
Use a whisk to dip your eggs

It is that easy, really. It was so fun and easy to make these – without the mess of the shaving cream method and the time-consuming steps of the silk tie process. We chose three colors, one for each of us – purple, teal, and green apple. Next time we will mess with the color drop ratio a little more because the purple came out a little bland while the green ended up gorgeous.

Colorful Easter Eggs
Colorful Easter Eggs