DIY Softball (or Baseball) Bucket with Cushion

DIY Softball Bucket

It’s softball/baseball season. In our house, that means a lot of softball. Autumn plays on a travel team and when they aren’t practicing or playing, we certainly are.

This year, Autumn has decided to really give pitching a shot. I’m not opposed to this but my knees are. Crouching to catch and pop up for all of the wild pitches has reminded me that I am out of shape and no longer a teenager. As if I really needed that reminder. So, I’ve taken notice of all the cool softball buckets with cushions that other coaches seem to have. They are super cool, about the right height, and much easier on the knees, right?

They are also expensive. Check these out – Amazon is the most reasonable I’ve found and if you’d like to stop reading and just snag one of these puppies from my affiliate links, then by all means, please do so. As with all affiliate links, you won’t be charged extra but I do receive a commission for the referral.

Or….you could make your own like I did.


Bucket and Lid – <$6 at WalMart

Sharpies in various colors

Cardboard (I used an empty cereal box), pencil/pen, scissors

Scrap fabric and filling for the cushion

The DIY Softball Bucket

We started with a plain white bucket and sharpies….

Plain White Bucket and Sharpies

I let the kids go to town decorating the plain white bucket for me. No, it doesn’t have a flashy softball-inspired logo on the side but mine was made by love and nobody else has one like it.

Decorated bucket

Decorated Bucket 2


For the cushion, I used the cardboard to create a template the size of your lid. You could use the lid itself but it’s a bit bumpy and would make a tough pattern. The cardboard worked well and allowed me a flat surface to trace on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cardboard pattern for cushion

I cut out two circles  one inch larger than the lid.

Fabric, scissors and pattern

Cut the fabric about 1" larger than pattern

Next, stitch all the way around (about a 1″ from the edge) leaving an opening to turn the fabric out. Be sure to reinforce at the beginning and end when stitching your cushion.

Cushion for Softball Bucket

Stuff the cushion and stitch it closed. If you are feeling fancy, dress it  up with buttons but I didn’t see the point. I opted not to use adhesive to attach the cushion to the lid but you absolutely could if you wanted to.

Stuff the cushion and stitch it closed

Here you have it, DIY Softball Bucket for less than $10

Finished Softball Bucket

Of course….the softballs were not so cheap.