Family Crafting

Family Crafting by Karmic Chaos

Family crafting is a part of our every day life. We are a creative family and spend a lot of time working with our hands. Many of the gifts we give are homemade (doesn't it mean a little more?) and we like to decorate our house with items WE create. 

Holiday Crafting

Sure we make gifts for people, it's fun and it shows how much we care. After all, isn't time our most precious commodity? We also like to make our own wreaths (WAY cheaper and SO much more fun!) and, of course, we often need accessories for our costumes, right? Maybe you want to know how we make those awesome top hats or maybe our teacher gifts got you thinking about your own kids' teachers. We'll share as much as we can and give credit where credit's due !

Quick & Easy Crafting

Do you  just need something to keep your kids occupied for a little bit while you take a shower? Maybe you just really need to unplug for a while and need something to keep busy? Or, if you're like us, you just need to do something with your hands and maybe get a little dirty. Our crafting options in this category are all about the quick and easy (and usually cheap!).