Clothes, Costumes, and Cosplay

Clothes, Costumes, and Cosplay

Why Clothes, Costumes, and Cosplay?

I've been sewing since childhood. My great-grandmother made most of her clothes and my mom made a lot of hers when she was younger. From them, I learned the value of being able to make your own clothes, to customize your wardrobe even if the garments in the stores don't quite fit. When my kids came along, I made much of the decor for their nurseries, their halloween costumes, and clothes to accommodate their toddler bodies. It only seemed natural to have a section on our blog to share our homemade clothes, costumes, and cosplay with all of you!


I like to repurpose clothes, you'll find a lot of that on here, but I also make a lot of what I wear (check out my awesome tank top made of ties!). My kids are learning to sew, more Autumn than Maddox, but they've come to understand the importance of simple tasks like hemming pants, mending shirts, and sewing on buttons. Pajama pants have been our project of choice and my kiddos both start there with sewing - perhaps a kid sewing tutorial will find it's way onto our blog!

Costumes & Cosplay

Halloween is a big deal in my house. It's been a big deal since I was a child and now my kids have adopted the love of costumes. We dress up "just because" and whenever possible. Part of that dress up has come by way of cosplay. We like to attend conventions where cosplay is common place and our costumes tend to draw a fair amount of attention. My daughter pushes for the outlandish costumes and slips in and out of rolls like second skins while my son prefers the quiet roles (usually). We've done individual cosplays and family themes. They're even planning full scale cosplays if they can just find enough people to participate....