We are a creative trio and that shines through in many aspects of our lives. We like to craft decorations for our home, costumes for our cosplay, and even gifts for loved ones.

Clothes, Costumes, and Cosplay

Have you ever noticed how every retailer’s clothes fit differently? It’s about more than that for us, it’s about colors and textures and, in general, style. I’m a bit of a hippie/alternative woman, my daughter is a tomboy, and my son, well, he has a style all his own. To that end, I make a lot of clothes for us.

Cosplay is also a large part of our lives. It’s no secret that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and it has little to do with the candy (though chocolate always helps). We also frequent Comic Cons and other fan conventions in our DIY costumes. Both of my kids are learning how to sew and actively participate in making their costumes. From Starlord to Thorin Oakenshield, my kids have learned that we can bring any character to life with a little effort and a lot of creativity…

Karmic Chaos Walking Dead Cosplay
Maddox as Carl and Autumn as Zombie Sophia from The Walking Dead

Family Crafting

Whether you are looking for special holiday crafts or something to entertain your kiddos over summer break, we’ve got them here. We like to experiment with those “awesome pins” from Pinterest as well as create things on our own. These posts will include family gifts and teacher gifts because my kids like to make things for their loved ones!


Yes, we have an Etsy shop. It was very active and we’ve fallen off a bit but never fear, we’ll get back in gear. Thank my daughter for that rhyme. These posts will be related to items you can purchase through our shop or items we’ve sold as custom orders through Etsy.

Upcycling and Repurposing

In a time where we need to recycle more than ever, we try to repurpose and epicycle as much as possible to get the most out of everything, save money, and do our part to help the environment. Check out these posts for ideas on how you might do the same.