My Non-Traditional Holiday Plans for Thanksgiving

Non-Traditional Holiday Plans

I have made a tradition out of my non-traditional holiday plans and I am MORE than okay with it.

It never fails, friends and family invite me over for Thanksgiving so I’m not alone. They don’t believe me when I say I WANT to be alone. I mean it, people, I really do. There is a VERY good reason that I gave up every Thanksgiving for every Halloween in my divorce decree. I LOVE Halloween and loathe Thanksgiving. Maybe that makes me un-American in some warped way. But, really, given the crap going on in this country today, is that a bad thing? I’m not sure.

Drink Coffee for National Coffee Day

Needless to say, I’ve never been a huge fan of Turkey Day. It’s all about eating and giving thanks. Well, I eat just fine and don’t need to gorge myself. I also give thanks on a daily basis so I don’t see the need to do anything special this one day each year. I do enjoy the football – usually. But, more than anything, I enjoy the peace and quiet to write.

That’s right. I write. My non-traditional holiday plans entail Chinese food or pizza, copious amounts of coffee (then beer after a reasonable hour), and writing. I am capable of spitting out thousands and thousands of words on this one glorious day because I have no interruptions. It’s amazing. Truly.

Writing for my non-traditional holiday

And, the best part is that it comes at the perfect time. It is, after all, National Novel Writing Month. I have mentioned this before, I’m sure of it. It’s why my posts may seem a bit blah this month. I’m focused on something bigger, a novel of my very own. I am NOT writing for anybody else right now. I’m writing for ME. This is a rarity and I am hoping that by sharing this post, people will begin to understand that I really am okay being alone on Thanksgiving.

What are YOUR non-traditional plans?