Roseblood Owlcrate Box

Subscription Service Review: Owlcrate

Have you heard about Owlcrate? We’ve tried a few subscription services and none of them have really stuck – until now. Autumn is in love with Owlcrate and all that it has to offer. It’s about the books, of course, but there’s so much more involved. It is now Autumn’s go-to gift request for every Read More

Autumn w/Margaret Peterson Haddix

Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet the author Margaret Peterson Haddix and it was a wonderful experience. Here is my first-hand experience with Mrs. Haddix. Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix My mom and I arrived at the library about 30 minutes before the event started so we could return (and checkout more) books. We decided Read More

Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix

Review of Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix

*****MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!***** Now I know that I normally review books not TV shows but I just read and reviewed the book Thirteen Reasons Why so I thought why not review Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix? So, here are my Thirteen Reasons Why I liked Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix (hahaha see what I did there?). By Read More

Thirteen Reasons Why

Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why was soooooooo great! I loved it! The characters were believable and truthful and the whole story was just amazing! **Note: This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. Should you purchase through these links we may earn a referral commission at no extra cost to you! Thanks for supporting our blog! I remember Read More

The Archived

Book Review: Archived by Victoria Schwab

This. Book. Was. Great. Sure, things could’ve been done a little bit better, they’re could’ve been fewer flaws in The Archived but the plot was AWESOME! Who doesn’t want their bodies to be shelved in The Archive?!? They keep dead bodies in a library, a dead people library! Imagine that, your loved ones all copied into a body, Read More