Why We Should Teach Good Sportsmanship

Why We Should Teach Sportsmanship

I’ve been stewing on the idea of sportsmanship since Autumn’s weekend softball tournament. Something pretty incredible happened this weekend but I upon reflection, I have mixed feelings about it. Here’s the story. If you are a sports parent you know what I mean when I say that youth sports is a minefield. Fans don’t stick Read More

Autumn on OWjL Camp Part I

My Experience at OWjL Camp

Every year Ohio Wesleyan University holds a camp (with a couple different sessions) for gifted kids on their campus. From the moment I found out about OWjL Camp, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me. My mom and I checked OWU’s website until the camp forms were finally posted and I submitted Read More

Prepping for the Summer Sports Tournament

Prepping for the Summer Sports Tournament

I grew up playing sports so it’s no surprise that my kids also compete athletically. Now that my daughter plays travel ball, that means a number of summer sports tournament weekends. To that end, we’ve developed a system to prepare and – you can ask anybody on our team – I am known for having EVERYTHING. Read More

DIY Softball Bucket

DIY Softball (or Baseball) Bucket with Cushion

It’s softball/baseball season. In our house, that means a lot of softball. Autumn plays on a travel team and when they aren’t practicing or playing, we certainly are. This year, Autumn has decided to really give pitching a shot. I’m not opposed to this but my knees are. Crouching to catch and pop up for Read More

Girls Need Sports

Why We Are Failing Girls in Sports

Girls in sports should not be a rarity. Sports build character, teach teamwork, and encourage good physical and emotional health. Our girls NEED sports in their lives. So why do more than 50% of girls stop playing by age 17? I’ve read a lot of articles on the topic and seen dozens of excuses, most Read More

Encourage a Young Writer

National Encourage a Young Writer Day

There is a lot of consideration given to the next generation. For me, that includes the next gen of young writers, especially since my kiddo is one of them. Young Writers Matter… Did you know that The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton) and Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) were written by teenagers? Christoper Paolini was fifteen when he wrote the first draft Read More