Divorced Parents & Braving the Holidays

Divorced Parents and the Holiday Season

The holidays are a tough time for divorced parents. It’s not easy watching your kids go off with your ex while you struggle to fill that time. And presents? There’s always some sort of competition. Ex-inlaws? New significant others? The list goes on and on and on. I admit, it is not an easy transition Read More

3 Tips to Save $$$ on Groceries!

3 Tips for Grocery Savings

Grocery and savings generally don’t go together in my world now that my kids can eat more than me. Gone are the quick, cheap grocery store trips and it’s even worse when the kids decide to accompany me. But. All is not lost. I’ve found some ways to offset a portion of the increased grocery Read More


National Single Parents Day

Single parenting is not a choice I made. It’s not something I would wish on anybody else for any reason. The Downside Raising children is hard and it gets harder every day. Our children face issues that we didn’t just as we faced challenges our parents didn’t. With mainstream media focused on reality television that’s Read More


Mother’s Day Recipe: Cake Batter French Toast

Picture courtesy of http://www.lilesnet.com/mother/mothers_day_2012/ One day where Moms everywhere get to sleep in and have breakfast made by their families and in general relax. Unless you are a single Mom like me.  We single moms wake up and make our own breakfast, handle the household, and play referee.  But that’s okay.  I miss sleeping until ten, waking Read More