28 Day Family Yoga Challenge

28 Day Family Yoga Challenge – Week 4

Our 28 Day Family Yoga Challenge is drawing to an end but we’re not quite there yet. We’ve learned a lot over the past three weeks and we’ll definitely be sticking with some of the these yoga moves. But, being honest, this past week has been trying and we’ve actually missed a few days. Results Read More

28 Day Family Yoga Challenge

28 Day Family Yoga Challenge – Week 3

Are you ready for Week 3 of the Family Yoga Challenge? We certainly are!! You would not believe how much fun we are having with this challenge. While we can’t attest to a lot of progress yet, we found some yoga options that really work for us and makes us feel good. The Verdict on Read More

Sick Parent's Guide to Surviving a Snow Day

Sick Parent’s Guide to Surviving a Snow Day

Being a sick parent sucks, especially when your kids end up with a snow day on your sick day. It’s hard enough to take time to recover when you’re on your own but what about when your kids end up home with you? Good parents love having our kids around but it is more challenging Read More

Anticipation  Waiting in an Impatient World

The Joy of Anticipation – Waiting in an Impatient World

Anticipation. How many of you pictured Tim Curry dragging out the five syllables in the most delightful way? I’m not here to discuss The Rocky Horror Picture Show – though I’m not opposed to doing so at a later date. Today, I’m here to talk about waiting for rewards in a world that celebrates the “right Read More

Family Yoga Challenge Week 2

KarmicChaos Family Yoga Challenge – Week 2

We completed our first week of the Family Yoga Challenge and all agree we feel awesome. Of course, this is only four days in, but we feel good about the whole thing so far and look forward to the rest of the month. In fact, we intend to make yoga a regular part of our Read More

Family Challenge Yoga

February Family Challenge: 28 Days of Yoga

We mentioned before that we’ve decided to give family challenges a try this year and our first one is a 28 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re all a bit tight and stressed out by this time of year, right? The kids are no different. The three of us decided to start our family challenge year with Read More

Why We Are Failing our Young Women

Why We Are Failing Our Young Women

#MeToo and #TimesUp are supposed to empower women, to give hope to a generation of young women that they will never suffer the indignities that we have. In many ways, I see hope in this movement. Then I spend time around middle school kids and realize we might be missing the mark. Will vengeance make Read More

15 Winter Boredom Bustersfor Kids

15 Boredom Busters to Break the Winter Blues

Winter can be beautiful and a whole lot of fun at first. But, what happens when you’re snowed in, the temperatures and wind chill are just too low to go out, or you’ve got sick kids? It’s a challenge, right? Parents can only handle so many snow days before we start to lose it and Read More