Divorced Parents & Braving the Holidays

Divorced Parents and the Holiday Season

The holidays are a tough time for divorced parents. It’s not easy watching your kids go off with your ex while you struggle to fill that time. And presents? There’s always some sort of competition. Ex-inlaws? New significant others? The list goes on and on and on. I admit, it is not an easy transition Read More

Help Your Kids Build the Perfect

Helping Kids Build Their Best Holiday Wish Lists

Are your kids like mine when it comes to their holiday wish lists? They swear they don’t want anything until they get started then you end up with a lengthy list of ridiculous items they will never use? Yep, been there. Don’t forget the flip size where they put three things on the list. This Read More

Why We Should Teach Good Sportsmanship

Why We Should Teach Sportsmanship

I’ve been stewing on the idea of sportsmanship since Autumn’s weekend softball tournament. Something pretty incredible happened this weekend but I upon reflection, I have mixed feelings about it. Here’s the story. If you are a sports parent you know what I mean when I say that youth sports is a minefield. Fans don’t stick Read More

A Day in the Life My (Not-so) Routine

A Day in the Life: the Not-So-Routine

I’ve never been one for plans and routines. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. However, parenting has kicked that carefree spirit to a small, dark corner of my mind. Oh, but you seem so “roll with the punches.” Um, not the same thing. Parents learn to roll with the punches in order to Read More

International Day of the Girl Child

Girl Up: International Day of the Girl Child

It’s a Girl. You play ball like a Girl. What a Girlie thing to say. But did you see what that Girl was wearing? She was asking for it. What do these statements make you feel? Are you empowered? Concerned? Pissed off? It’s International Day of the Girl Child and now more than ever it’s Read More