Kids' Guide to Building the Perfect Blanket Fort

A Kids Guide to Building the PERFECT Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are the classic pastime where you can be anything you want to be. Maybe you are a knight protecting your castle, a human trapped in an alien spaceship, and much more.  My brother, Maddox and I, built a fort together the other night to watch a movie. As we watched we imagined the Read More

Cap'n Crunch Cosplay

Halloween Costumes Part II: Cap’n Crunch

Maddox’s Cap’n Crunch costume came down to the wire this year because it was a bit of a challenge at some points. It seemed so easy and I was SO excited to do this one but, of course, nothing is easy. You know the character, right? Maddox decided to skip the boot covers because we’ve Read More

Arya Stark Cosplay

2017 Halloween Costumes Part I: Arya Stark

Our motto for Halloween Costumes is “go big or go home.” To that end, my kids constantly try to stump me. Things are a bit different now that Autumn is able to do a good deal of sewing herself. Now she understands the challenge of creating a solid costume. After much debate, Autumn’s choice this Read More

National Mad Hatter Day

We’re All Mad Here – National Mad Hatter Day!

On National Mad Hatter Day, I am paying homage to one of my favorite literary characters of all time. Mad Hatter Cosplay Not only has the Hatter been reimagined numerous times in print, I’ve cosplayed a sometimes gender-bending version of this character more times than I can count. From the 10/6 tag in the hat Read More

Autumn With Seax

My Social Studies Project: Making My Seax

This post was supposed to be a stupid sewing tutorial, but I have something WAYYYYYYY more exciting to share with you guys. I decided to tell you all about my Social Studies project for school. Sounds boring right now, doesn’t it? Trust me, it gets better. My Project My Social Studies teacher assigned us this Read More

DIY Softball Bucket

DIY Softball (or Baseball) Bucket with Cushion

It’s softball/baseball season. In our house, that means a lot of softball. Autumn plays on a travel team and when they aren’t practicing or playing, we certainly are. This year, Autumn has decided to really give pitching a shot. I’m not opposed to this but my knees are. Crouching to catch and pop up for Read More

Easy Green Seed Starters

Go Green (and Free) With These Easy Seed Starters

We have a yard now and that means enough garden space for each of us to pick flowers to plant. It also means seed starters while the Midwest weather makes up its mind about spring. The Problem Unfortunately, after living in apartments for so long, we didn’t have a lot of pots to get started Read More