A Kids Guide to Building the PERFECT Blanket Fort

Perfect Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are the classic pastime where you can be anything you want to be. Maybe you are a knight protecting your castle, a human trapped in an alien spaceship, and much more.  My brother, Maddox and I, built a fort together the other night to watch a movie. As we watched we imagined the fort as a vehicle, a place, or a person, making it an exciting journey. It was spacious, with lots of pillows and plenty of blankets to keep us cozy and warm. Let us show you how we built it!

Perfect Blanket fort building

Building our Blanket Fort

STEP 1:  Gathering the Materials 

When you build anything, you need to have materials. To build the perfect blanket fort, you need these things:

  • LOTS of blankets
  • Plenty of pillows
  • Chairs, tables, stools, or any other sturdy object that will hold up your fort
  • Stuffed animals to cuddle with
  • Snacks to munch on throughout your adventure
  • A movie, TV show, or music to make your blanket fort seem like its out of this world!


Once you have gathered all of your needed materials and have them ready for you to build with, you have to start constructing it!

First, make the base of your fort to drape all of your blankets over and stuff pillows inside of. You should use the furniture (or other sturdy objects) you have to create a long body and a high perch.

Next, drape all the blankets over and fill in any holes with pillows. You want to make a blackout fort inside, it is better to have a flashlight inside anyways!

Lastly you have to stuff all your pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and anything else you want inside the fort. Make sure it is nice and cozy in there, it should be fit for a king!


Snacks are essential to blanket forts if their purpose is for watching a movie or TV show because it creates a movie theatre-like environment with the comfort of home and your own fort! We decided popcorn was the best way to go to fully enjoy our movie night in a blanket fort experience.

Using It

This is the best step because this is when you actually get to play in your fort! It is fun and adventurous and most definitely a comfortable experience. Here you can see us happily eating popcorn starting to watch our movie:

Winter Fun Blanket Fort

Taking it Down

The saddest part of the process is deconstructing your blanket fort. Although it is not fun to put all of your things back to their regular spots, it is great for learning how to stay organized and keep clean!


Hope You Build Your Own PERFECT Blanket Fort! Have Fun!


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