Book Review: The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big

My parents bought The Magic of Thinking Big for me after they both read it.  In truth, I’d started it a few months back but had to return it to the library before I could finish so I’m beyond grateful for this gift.

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Good

I understand now why Lou Holtz gained so much after his wife gifted him this book. Now, I grew up watching Notre Dame football and watching Lou Holtz as head coach.  But that’s not why I read this book, not completely. I’ve been  working through my own trials and tribulations, trying to think as big as I dream. That means seeking out every possible motivator I can find and books are HUGE in my world.

The first eight chapters of this book are fantastic. I felt motivated and encouraged. Ideas flowed freely for blog posts, stories, projects, and even how to handle some tough situations with the kiddos. I trucked through the first eight chapters in a matter of hours and texted several friends to read this book ASAP. There is a lot of good information, a number of excellent examples, and honest instruction on how to break away from negativity. I need that in my life. Maybe some of you could use it as well.

The Not So Good

Ladies, this book may strike you as slightly sexist. I did. Is this book meant only for men? Almost every example refers to “he” and “fellow” and even worse, spouses are always referred to as “wife.” It’s not overt, really, it just sort of nagged at me throughout the book. Of course, if you consider when it was first published, the world makes sense again. I also found chapters nine through thirteen to be a little repetitive and not nearly as inspiring. I wanted to scream “I get it already, be positive, take action, move forward!”

The Verdict on The Magic of Thinking Big

The first eight chapters are so fantastic that it is absolutely worth buying and reading this book. Go forth and THINK BIG!

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