Book Review: The Girl on the Train

I don’t get this book.

The Girl on the Train


I’m not saying I don’t understand it, just saying that I really don’t get the draw of this book. I figured it out early on and while the writing was solid, I had to push myself to finish it. Honestly, I just kept hoping it would get better and I would see why it was such a hit.

I can’t find much to say on the positive side of things when it comes to this book and I hate that. Maybe it’s something that some of the characters made me hate them, but I really just felt annoyed by them. Was I supposed to feel sorry for any of these people? I didn’t. Was I supposed to hate all of them? I couldn’t even bring myself to hate them. It’s unfortunate because I found the premise intriguing, it just didn’t deliver.

And where were the twists and turns? I’m not going to give spoilers so I won’t, but I spent more than half of the book waiting for the characters to catch up to what I’d already figured out. It felt like watching Halloween with my daughter as she screamed at the dumb teenagers to get it together and do something smart. Obviously, the Halloween/Autumn experience was much more rewarding for me.

The Verdict

In the end, I can’t give this book more than two out of five top hats.

Update: The Film

I love Emily Blunt. The casting was well done (yay for Allison Janney!!) and the unreliability of the main character came across clearly – maybe moreso than in the book version. Blunt’s portrayal of the main character rounded out by a solid script actually made the movie tolerable. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I found the movie far superior to the book.