Book Review: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Art of War has been on nearly every “to read” list I have ever seen. I’ve heard much debate regarding whether or not it is deserving. On a visit to my library I saw a new translation (a lovely traditionally bound copy) and decided it was time to make my own decision.
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
There really is not much to say about the book. It really is a classic and should be read for any number of reasons. This translation of TheArt of War was a rather quick read but I found it interesting. There are references that have been attributed to actual armies and battles though most of the book seems to be general rules based on the author’s experience. It reads like an instruction manual for those wishing to wage successful campaigns. I confess, I am not well versed in military strategy but the author supports his theories with examples. Be sure to read the footnotes as they enhance the overall experience. Some of the advice, though military-minded, is practical advice applicable to many aspects of life.

The Verdict on The Art of War

Again, the material was interesting and unique with historical significance. I am pleased to say I can mark it off my “To Read” list but I’ve got no desire to purchase a copy or read it again.