Book Review: Spirit Animals Series

Spirit Animals

The Spirit Animals Series by Scholastic tells the story of a handful of young men and women with special links to spirit animals on the mystical world of Erdas.

Spirit Animals
Spirit Animals Book 1


There are good guys and bad guys, big battles, near misses, and amazing animals who are literally larger than life. The main characters, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan are very different but find they have much in common over the course of the series – more than their bonds to four Great Beasts. Essentially, the four kids must defeat the big bad who seeks to enslave all spirit animals using a dark nectar that bends them to his will. Of course, it’s not that simple and our four heroes encounter many pitfalls along the way.

Who Should Read It

Animal lovers will fall for the Great Beasts, especially the Panda, Jhi who is silent, watchful, and begging for a good cuddle. The Great Beasts are possibly the most interesting part of the series (a wolf, a leopard, a falcon, and of course, Jhi, the Panda) and other animals pop up throughout the book.

The Verdict on Spirit Animals

We read these books as a family and initially were really excited about them. The first few are excellent middle grade books with interesting characters from different backgrounds brought together to fight a big bad. Sounds good, right? Really, they were until somewhere around book five. The series just seemed to be a little too drawn out for our tastes.  There are new books, offshoots apparently, that we aren’t even interested in trying.

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