Book Review: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

I had such high hopes for Lab Girl. Autumn planned to read it but my lukewarm review turned her off it completely.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren


Parts of Lab Girl were awesome – especially the educational chapters – but it was a little too detailed for my tastes. I love how empowering Ms. Jahren’s story is and how much it means for young women, like my daughter, who hope to pursue careers in the sciences that have long been dominated by men. Not because women were incapable as much as they were discounted and/or discouraged.

I have read several articles and interviews detailing some of Jahren’s stories about her career and life in the sciences, but this gave a whole new perspective. It truly saddens me that women are put in such predicaments. Even worse that so many girls fail to be come “lab girls” even now. Haven’t we learned that women scientists have much to offer?

If you love science and appreciate good humor, definitely give this book a go. Just be prepared for some excess description in some parts.

The Verdict on Lab Girl

It would have been better if more of Jahren’s humor came through. I find her story inspiring and would still suggest it as a motivational read for women and girls but if you don’t have some interest in science it probably won’t translate. I give it three top hats out of five.