Book Review: Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

Sadly, I’ve been losing interest in this series but I was really hopeful for Feverborn.

Let me say – I really love some of these characters. I appreciate Ms. Moning continuing the series so that I can learn more about Mac and Barrons and the others, but it’s starting to feel too drawn out. It seems that this is becoming far too common in this genre. Why are beloved characters and worlds being diluted into shadows of what the began as? I worry that the Fever series is going the way of the Sookie Stackhouse Series, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the Dark Hunter Series. I hope it isn’t so, but I fear it is.

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

First off, let me say how disappointed I was when Dani came back as Jada. Ugh. I will not give spoilers for this book with regard to Dani/Jada but I am not loving the direction her character is taking. I will say that it is interesting to get a better glimpse of her time in the Silvers but aside from that, her chapters just made me sad and honestly, kind of bored.

Mac, ah Mac. One of the more enjoyable characters in the genre. She clings to her girliness in spite of being a hardened killer. Barrons remains a guiding force in her life, more than a protector and more than a lover. Given the apocalypse, Mac is adjusting reasonably well especially with how terrible her luck seems to be. Sheesh.

The men of the Fever Series never seem to disappoint. That’s one constant in this series that I’m more than pleased with. I just worry that in spite of them, the series is dwindling. Feverborn left me disappointed much like the last few Sookie books. Especially since a good chunk of the novel is reserved for a glossary – seriously shortening the actual story.

The Verdict on Feverborn

Meh. I am so glad I borrowed this book from the library instead of paying for it.