Autumn’s Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

During school the 8th graders go to Washington D.C. I am in 7th grade but I take 8th grade language arts. There are three other 7th graders in my class so we were told to do a book club while the 8th graders were on their trip. After a big argument we settled on Fahrenheit 451.

Having decided over the weekend(we had Monday off)we decided reading the first part of the book before class Tuesday was a good goal. The first part was only 68 pages, which was about the same for the other two parts as well.  We really didn’t do much Tuesday because the environment we were in was very distracting to my peers. Therefore, Tuesday night, I read the entire first part of the book. During class the following day I found out that no one had gotten past reading 40 pages!

My peers gave up, but I was determined to finish the book. By Friday,  I finished the entire book wrote two essays about it. Here’s my overall take on the book:

This book was shocking to me just because I love books soooo much. Reading it, at times, was a little difficult because you felt like “how could someone do that?” Overall the experience was amazing and I gained a lot of insight and new comparisons to use from the book and our current world today. I know, it is sad isn’t it. The saddest part is that we don’t have any concrete evidence to prove it wrong! The whole book is a look at what our world is slowly devolving into. Let me explain.

Our current government is, well, unproductive and I could definitely see people like them, creating the world in Fahrenheit 451. Firefighters burn books because everyone must be happy. everything needs to be sunshines and rainbows.  Literally, that is what everyone wants and the government, I am sure, would love to give it to you. Thankfully the constitution is still intact or that might actually be a thing.

Besides the point, most people don’t like to read, don’t find it enjoyable, and feel that it is a burden, No more books means that people won’t know how to read and anything that is recorded on paper will be not be useful so nothing can be proved! That means the constitution will loose all of its meaning and the world will go into chaos. Can you see why this book is a very good look at a horrible future?  At least in 1984 they still have books! It isn’t illegal to read them!

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Fahrenheit 451

Summing Up Fahrenheit 451

This book is so good, I loved reading it. I think it is a must read for everyone and that people need to read it and compare this to our current administration. This book will show most people the real stakes right now, not just the propaganda.