Book Review: Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts

I should probably preface this review by saying that I have been a fan of Robin Roberts since she joined ESPN. Seeing a talented woman discussing sports on a national platform was inspiring and motivating. Then she joined Good Morning America. She’s been inducted into the Women’s BasketballHall of Fame and named one of ESPNW’s Impact 25 (2014). From reporting on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath to hosting the Academy Awards preshow, Ms. Roberts has brought a special kind of grace to national media.
Everybody's Got Something
But none of this is why I recommend her book, Everybody’sGot Something.
Robin Roberts was very open about her battle with breast cancer. Now she opens up about family life and her battle with myelodysplastic syndrome – say that five times fast. Everybody’s Got Something is a look at how Ms. Roberts fought the toughest battle of her life. She’s candid and optimistic when reflecting on each step but also grateful for the help she received from so many people.
If you’re facing an impending struggle, pick up this book and find the inspiration you need.

The Verdict on Everybody’s Got Something

This is a must read for anybody facing an uphill battle – and these days, isn’t that most of us? I give this four top hats out of five 🙂