Book Review: Everland By: Wendy Spinale


I just recently finished Everland and I loved it. It was super cute and just a really great book.

After reading the first couple chapters I was hooked. Pete, leader of the Lost Boys, is probably one of my favorite characters in the whole book. I really liked the world it was set in because I could see it as an actual reality in ways but in other ways it wasn’t so I thought that was pretty cool.

The author also had a Peter Pan theme with the Lost Boys and one of the characters (shown on the cover) with mechanical wings. Personally, I thought that it was cool that it was a somewhat spin-off of Peter Pan but it had its own story too. The story was its own but had touches from Peter Pan gone steampunk. AWESOME!

One last thing. I thought I should mention that there is a little romance. You should know I do NOT like reading romance but in Everland the romance was very cute. I thought it was very well done so if you aren’t a big fan of romance don’t worry, ┬áthe romance is not intense.

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The Verdict on Everland

This book was super good and I think that anybody would enjoy this. If you want a quick and easy read, I would definitely read this book. My Mom even read it and liked it, you can see her review on BooksByViolet.