Book Review: Devil and the Bluebird

I’m going to be completely honest, I absolutely HATED this book. It sucked. Everything about it sucked except the parts when the devil was mentioned.  I’ll admit, the cover looked SUPER cool and the blurb made it sound like a great book. I almost bought it.  Now I am SO glad I didn’t. Guess a cover and a blurb only go so far.

The main character, Blue Riley, and her sister, Cass, were absolute idiots. Blue, WHY THE HECK DID YOU WAIT TWO YEARS TO GO SEARCH FOR YOUR SISTER.?!?! And Cass, WHY THE HECK DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR SISTER IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!? On top of that Blue had no plans, AT ALL, when she left her “home” in search for her sister. All she had was some money, clothes, and a few other personal items. Then, the story just magically bends to her will and basically everyone she meets helps her even though she is MUTE and on the road BY HERSELF? That makes absolutely no sense, CONTACT THE POLICE IDIOTS!

Beyond that, the music aspect of everything drove me up the wall too. No way is she lugging that big, heavy guitar across the country and then play it while being hungry, weak, and cold. Just no, no way is she doing that. There is just so much more delightful things I could tell you about this story that I skimmed through more than half off but a)I don’t give spoilers and b)you should just read this piece if crap to understand my anger yourself.


This book is so crappy it shouldn’t be rated, but I will rate it anyways. It is in the, don’t ever buy it unless you can deal with whiny, musical, wimpy characters. Even then, I would just check it out from the library, it sucks that bad. 

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