Book Review: Archived by Victoria Schwab

The Archived

This. Book. Was. Great. Sure, things could’ve been done a little bit better, they’re could’ve been fewer flaws in The Archived but the plot was AWESOME! Who doesn’t want their bodies to be shelved in The Archive?!?

The Archived

They keep dead bodies in a library, a dead people library! Imagine that, your loved ones all copied into a body, a book of their life. Then they have the Keepers, Crew, and Librarians to run everything and control what is known as The Archive. Doesn’t that sound great?!? I thought it did too. Diving in I read the first couple chapters and I was like yeah this is my jam.

Unfortunately, as I got further in, the main character (Mackenzie Bishop) became increasingly more annoying. Whining about being a Keeper, wanting a normal teenage life, and wanting to stop running after dead people drove me nuts. She even admitted that she wouldn’t want to lose her life as a Keeper, yet she is still complaining about being one. Seriously?!?!  But what can I say, the story was awesome and I loved the characters, especially Wesley Ayers.

Then there is The Archive, the wonderful library of the dead! It is the place where the copy of your body is stored as a record of your life. Could you even imagine knowing that your loved ones are stored somewhere and that you could see them? That would be awesome! Then, on top of that, being in the Archive? The place is probably undeniably elegant and just, amazing. All the doors and the front desk make you feel like you are in an actual, grand library.  Just one for the dead of course.

The Verdict on The Archived

This book was amazeballs and I would recommend it to any teen interested in mysteries with some creepy elements. Even if you aren’t into that kinda stuff I would still recommend The Archived to you!