Book Review: A Drop Of Night By Stefan Bachmann

A Drop of Night

This book was horrible.

The synopsis sounded great – exploring a newly discovered underground palace? Awesome! The cover for A Drop Of Night was also quite appealing.

But, as I have said before, a cover and synopsis only go so far if the book sucks.

A Drop of Night

After diving into the first couple of chapters I was disappointed. The main character became more and more annoying and I was already bored with the rest of the crew. My two favorite characters in the book were Will and The Butterfly Man but I can’t tell you why because – spoilers. The journal excerpts inserted throughout the book were more enjoyable to me than the main story – by far.

The writing style was okay but nothing exciting. It seemed to drag at a lot of parts and I skimmed large passages and sometimes whole chapters just to finish the stupid book.

THE VERDICT – A Drop of Night

Overall A Drop Of Night was a boring, horrible book. The main character was annoying and some of the scenes made me say “just, no.” I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who can’t deal with annoying and idiotic characters. Even then, I probably wouldn’t.

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