Book Review: A Crown For Cold Silver

A Crown for Cold Silver is the beginning of an epic adventure with kick a$$ women and heart-pounding action. In a sea of epic fantasy novels, Crown stands out for its bold sociopolitical statements and intriguing theologies. Author Alex Marshall does not hold back in this tale of General Cobalt Zosia and her quest for vengeance. The description on the cover is catchy but the real hook comes with the opening scenes, the catalyst for General Zosia to leave behind her peaceful retirement and return to a life of war.
A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall
Gender bending, sexual exploration and excessive drug use are common themes for Zosia and her companions, the “Villains.” Though they all have dark pasts, some of the Villains still cling to their own personal honor codes. In the end, you want to find redeeming qualities in each of them. As individual stories unravel, it’s increasingly difficult to find redemption, even for those who seek it.

Descriptions are vivid and complete without being drawn out or excessive. I can feel the rage and excitement, smell the sweat and blood, hear the screams and moans. Motivations are generally complex, even when they would seem simple. As with any good tale, people are misled by others and by their own misguided actions and dreams. Interpersonal relationships threaten to implode and derail the entire quest. From estranged families to lost loves, Crown covers the gambit as this incredible cast of carries claws their way back to each other for what can only lead to a battle for the ages.

The Verdict on A Crown for Cold Silver

I can’t say much more without giving things away and I do so loathe spoilers. All I can say is “I strongly advise you read this book if you fancy yourself a fantasy fan.”