Autumn’s Book Review: Of Fire and Stars By Audrey Coulthurst

We do a lot of joint book reviews, but Autumn is going to start writing some on her own, starting with Of Fire and Stars. She’s excited for her first solo book review so please remember she is 11 and be kind. Oh, and this post contains affiliate links to Amazon. You will not be charged extra for purchasing through these links but we will receive a small amount from the sale. Purchasing through our links helps keep our blog operational!!

I recently read Of Fire and Stars and was blown away by how much I loved it.

Of Fire and Stars

Normally i’m not big into romance books, especially teen ones. I feel they are always overdone, the man and/or woman is just a non relatable character, they’re all hot and sexy, and go too in depth. None of them truly illustrate real life love stories, everything is always a happy ending. Just, no. Not my thing.

When my first Owlcrate came I opened it to find Of Fire and Stars. I read the inside cover and grimaced, it was about a princess named Dennaleia. Her future was planned out for her since she childhood including moving to Mynaria to be married to a prince. In the new setting she has to learn to control her powers as well as her emotions. Then there was an assassination and it was up to Dennaleia and her new friends to solve it.  

My mom told me “just give it a try Autumn, it sounds good! There’s magic in it and it’s about two women who are into each other.” I caved, read it, and ended up loving the book. Thank you, Mom, you were right.
Some people may find the beginning slow but I enjoyed it because it gave me time to get into the character’s shoes. The writing style was beautiful and I liked how each chapter switched perspectives. You really got to know them and how they felt about each other and different issues in the book.

After reading I realized it was kind of a mystery, but I won’t spoil it! The bond that grows between the characters gradually becomes more and more involved and you become wrapped up in the book until you are at the last chapters and stay up till midnight reading to the end. Of course I didn’t do that, Mom, I was just creating an example *cough* NOT *cough*. Normally I can read books faster but that book took me longer because it made me want every detail, every emotion, make sure I didn’t miss anything.The magic is incorporated in a fashion where it is apparent and is used throughout the book but it isn’t the main point, making it an easier bridge into other genres.  

The Verdict on Of Fire and Stars

If I were to create a top 10 list of my favorite books this one would definitely be on it.