Happy National Grandparents' Day!

Happy Nat’l Grandparents Day Grandma & Papa

Today is National Grandparents day, and to celebrate this day, I am going to share some happy moments that I have had with them. Papa On A Skateboard Now this is definitely one of my favorites. My brother, Maddox, had finally convince Papa to ride his Skateboard and, well, he did. It was definitely a Read More

Autumn With Seax

My Social Studies Project: Making My Seax

This post was supposed to be a stupid sewing tutorial, but I have something WAYYYYYYY more exciting to share with you guys. I decided to tell you all about my Social Studies project for school. Sounds boring right now, doesn’t it? Trust me, it gets better. My Project My Social Studies teacher assigned us this Read More

International Left Handers Day

International Left Handers Day

Today is International Left Handers Day and I am one of the people who is overjoyed to celebrate it! I am going to be sharing some of my favorite, and least favorite, things about being a lefty. The Cons of Being a Lefty Now there are cons to pretty much everything from a certain food, Read More

National Book Lover's Day

It is National Book Lover’s Day!

Today is National Book Lover’s Day and I don’t think that I couldn’t celebrate it. I absolutely love books, and even if you don’t, that’s ok.  Books are wonderful and this is just yet another way to celebrate them. I figured in order to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day I would talk about some of Read More

Gifted Kids Mantra

Summer Reading for Gifted Kids

Everybody knows, loves, and/or remembers summer reading for school. For summer reading, at my school at least, we are told to read a book of our choosing as well as a book that the school picks. Now, as a middle schooler we get to choose one of four different books. This year, because I am Read More

Autumn on OWjL Camp Part I

My Experience at OWjL Camp

Every year Ohio Wesleyan University holds a camp (with a couple different sessions) for gifted kids on their campus. From the moment I found out about OWjL Camp, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me. My mom and I checked OWU’s website until the camp forms were finally posted and I submitted Read More