Appreciate a Teacher Today!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day#ThankATeacher

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day and that means giving a shout out to all of the teachers who have helped shape our lives.

There’s been a lot of debate about schools and teacher pay lately but I don’t want to get into any of that because I believe my views are clear – teachers should be paid a whole lot more than they are. Today I want to recognize teachers that have shaped my life and the lives of my kids. Autumn wanted to write this post and she’s a little put out that she didn’t get to. However, the kid has a wicked head cold and has still been powering through school and sports so giving her a little break is in her best interest. #parenting I will however address the teachers she’d like me to recognize. Maddox has his little tidbit to contribute too!


The Write Path

When I was in elementary school, I had some of the best teachers a child could hope for. My parents love to tell how they took me in to register for kindergarten and met some resistance because I was young. My birthday is at the end of August and I was not the biggest of kids so I can only imagine what they thought. Mom and Dad had me read for them – that’s right, I could read – and it sealed the deal. That fall, I sat in my little seat in Mrs. Brumbaugh’s class and the world open in a way I never even dreamed.

My teachers went above and beyond to ensure I had the best possible education. Their messages stay with me today, twenty and thirty years later. Their words encourage my writing though I have not been in their classrooms in decades. Mrs. Normand, Mrs. Bucklew, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Ingersoll – you all left such a mark on me as person and I can’t thank you enough. I know it wasn’t always easy, how could it be with limited resources but you made it work. You sent kids (like me) to  Young Author’s Conference at University of Toledo. Spelling bee practice, tutoring, anything we  needed, you found a way to deliver. I have not forgotten.

Autumn’s Accolades

Autumn is a lucky kid. Since kindergarten, Autumn has had very few bad experiences in school. She chooses to focus on the good ones. Autumn wants to thank Mrs. Ewbank who appreciated and encouraged her sarcasm when others would have considered her too young to understand it. Mrs. Mizok, Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Crandall, and Mrs. Siers, she thanks you for believing in her. She’s grateful to have had teachers who accepted her independence, her drive, and her need to excel.

Middle school is rife with challenges for tweens and teens. Autumn is fortunate to have teachers who recognize her abilities and her love of language arts. Thank you to Mrs. Magistrale, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Voss, and Mrs. Templeton for everything you do for my daughter. You continue to inspire and motivate her every day, even if she’s no longer in your classes.


Maddox’s Teacher Appreciation

Maddox isn’t a writer, it’s not his thing and that’s fine by us. But, he doesn’t want to be left out or have his teacher’s think he doesn’t care. He does. Maddox had a rough start in school, you can read more here but things changed over time. Now, Maddox looks back and recognizes that his teachers are, for the most part, amazing. Ms. Ratnasingham, I don’t know that you realize how much of an impact you’ve had on Maddox. You were the first teacher to see past his speech delays and recognize the ability within. Maddox knows how rare this is and he will never forget you. He’s a little more reserved than Autumn so Maddox’s tribute is more reserved, not that he doesn’t appreciate his other teachers. He does.

If you haven’t already, #ThankATeacher today. Everybody has at least one teacher who left a mark, let them know!