Cheap, Easy, DIY Tutus

We overextended ourselves a bit so crafting has taken a backseat.  However, Autumn is participating in Girls on the Run and I’m running with her this year. If you know us,  you know we can’t do anything simple or boring. To that end, my daughter and I are working on tutus for the 5K we are running THIS WEEKEND!  ACK!  My allergies have been killing me and I’ve been looking for (and trying) every possible “remedy” I can think of so I will be able to breathe this weekend.  We’ve trained – my kiddo through Girls on the Run after school and myself on my own – so we are ready to roll.  I cannot wait to show off our tutus!!!  They are going to be stellar once complete and I am REALLY proud of us for wearing such “girly” garments!  Anyhow, here is the “before” pic of the tutus!

Supplies for DIY tutus

DIY TuTu Supplies
Tulle (any colors)

How we did it

Measure a piece of elastic by wrapping it around your waist, pulled tight enough that it will stay put, add an inch, and stitch the ends together.

Cut your tulle into 3″ wide pieces and tie it to the elastic.

That’s it. Honestly, it’s super easy, it just takes a while. If we make these again, we will probably just get the tulle in the rolls so it’s easier to cut.

Our DIY Tutus

These are SO easy to make. Just cut the tulle into strips (we did 3″ wide) and tie them to the elastic waistband (we picked up some cheap elastic at JoAnn, measured it to just fit our waists comfortably – plus 1″ – stitched the ends together and voila!). Not only did we have a blast running together, we were stylin’ while we did it!

Ready to Run for the Girls on the Run 5k