28 Day Family Yoga Challenge – Week 3

28 Day Family Yoga Challenge

Are you ready for Week 3 of the Family Yoga Challenge? We certainly are!! You would not believe how much fun we are having with this challenge. While we can’t attest to a lot of progress yet, we found some yoga options that really work for us and makes us feel good.

28 Day Yoga Challenge

The Verdict on Week 2 of Family Yoga Challenge

We had some big fails last week and hope this week will be better.

Day Five: 10 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief. This worked pretty well for us. Autumn and I felt it was a keeper, Maddox notsomuch.

Day Six: 10 Minute Bedtime Yoga IN Bed is an epic fail. We hated this one SO much because it just did not do much for us.

Day Seven: The 15 minute gentle yoga for athletes video is not for us. Not only does it feel too long, it focuses too much on the legs and we really did not enjoy it. This one is so bad in our opinion that we stopped and switched to Basic Stretches for Tight Hips instead!

Day Eight: You already know how we feel about the Tight Hips and Neck/Back Pain relief. We intend to build these into our regular routine.

Day Nine: We all agree, this one is a keeper: 5 Minute Morning Yoga Routine.

Day Ten: So, we definitely picked the wrong routine. The one we picked was Yoga for New Beginnings and definitely not what we were looking for. We really like Adriene’s approach so look for us to give some others a try.

Day Eleven: To keep with our theme of loosening up, we’re going to go with Hip Opening Yoga Poses. We agreed that this one works well because none of the poses are too difficult for any of us.

After Yoga on a Snow Day
Maddox After a Yoga Session

Week 3 of Karmic Chaos Family Yoga Challenge

Admittedly, Maddox is struggling a bit with this. He is not as excited about it as Autumn and I, but he’s still doing it. We are going to start on some repeat routines this week because Autumn has softball tryouts coming up so we are trying to loosen her up for catching! I’m making the picks for this week’s challenge because the kids are busy finishing some school projects.

Day Twelve:  Tight Hips and Neck/Back Relief – you can find these on our Week One post. We just love these poses and how they makes us feel when we’re done so we’re sticking with it.

Day Thirteen: Remember how I said you’d be seeing more Yoga with Adriene? We’re going to try Yoga for anxiety today!

Day Fourteen: Tight Hips and Neck/Back Relief again! Sure, it’s redundant, but we think it’s going to pay off in the end. Our goal is to be able to do every pose on both sheets!

Day Fifteen:  20 Yoga Poses for Beginners is our choice for today! Have we mentioned how much we love Pinterest? We even created a board just for this challenge – complete with some workouts we hope to be able to do some day!

Day Sixteen: Tight Hips and Neck/Back Relief again! Are you sick of this one yet? Obviously, we aren’t!

Day Seventeen: For Maddox, I selected How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner for today.

Day Eighteen: How about a 10 minute yoga sequence? Yeah, we’re game too!


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