2017 Halloween Costumes Part I: Arya Stark

Arya Stark Cosplay

Our motto for Halloween Costumes is “go big or go home.” To that end, my kids constantly try to stump me. Things are a bit different now that Autumn is able to do a good deal of sewing herself. Now she understands the challenge of creating a solid costume. After much debate, Autumn’s choice this year is Arya Stark of the Game of Thrones Universe.

This is the outfit she decided to replicate:

Arya Stark

I helped alter, adjust, and combine the patterns we used to recreate this costume but Autumn did 90% of the sewing. Due to time constraints, there is not as much detail in Autumn’s costume. Please note, she is not able to take weapons to school. Sadly, this means Needle and the dagger are not included. That said, what do you think?

Autumn as Arya Stark

Arya Stark Cosplay Autumn as Arya Stark

Oh, and because she HAS to represent, Autumn did not leave Needle out completely. This little detail is attached to her belt.

Needle for Arya Stark cosplay

Coming Soon: Maddox’s Halloween Costume!